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  Enlightened Leadership

  There is both good news and bad news,

               two sides to every coin. 

The bad news is that the first decade of the new milennium has repeated much of what the 20th century inherited from the 20 centuries that preceded that one.

Natural disasters aside, there is still the same human suffering we have wrought among ourselves for centuries. 

And there is still the same human suffering that the world brings naturally.

The good news is that Collectively we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the world we live in and the world we pass on to fiuture generations. 


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Ethics and Enlightened Leadership

   His Holiness the Dalai Lama


There are TwoSides to every Coin.

This is why every problem has inherent within, the seeds to it's own solution.

 The solution to war is peace, the solution to poverty is wealth, the solution to sickness is health, the answer to hate is love, etc.

We have observed for centuries that Hatred has never ceased by hatred, but by Love alone, yet our Political and Religious Leaders persist in waging wars around the world.

The silent majority of working men and women that prefer peace have been sending their children into battle, year after year, decade after decade, century after century.

The solution to Leadership models that have proven ineffective in improving the quality of life for the majority of beings seems clear.

We need new Leaders.  More importantly, we need leaders with new traits and a new yardstick for measuring their worthiness to lead. 

Failing that, we need become new Leaders ourselves.

Or, we need dispense with leaders altogether and Unite as everyday people, capable of leading ourselves.


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